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Why Use Strategy?


Strategy + Change

Strategy in modern business is more than visionary thinking. Real strategy helps you get results. It weighs risks, creates plans and executes actions that help your business grow and achieve more.

Strategy + Breakthrough

Trying to land an important deal?

Not getting through to your employees?

Needing to make a specific breakthrough in business or a new market?

Get a targeted strategy designed to solve your problems and challenges.

Strategy + Expansion

Exploring the emerging markets? Don't leave your plans to chance.

Do a proper market analysis and identify all your opportunities.

Get help moving into new territories, taking your products and services to new regions.  

Strategy + Growth

Find out how to help your business grow internally. Improve leadership and employee performance. Streamline operations. 

Sharpen your brand. Secure your current market. Become an industry leader. 

Learn how to use scorecards to drive much better business results.

Engagement Options 


Business Strategy Session

Situational Strategy + Blueprint for Growth or Expansion - let us identify your best next steps.

1 – 3 Day Engagement


1:1 Executive Sessions

Personal  Strategy Interventions - get one on one coaching to help you become a better leader.

1 – 6 Months


Big Picture Strategic Planning

Purpose + Vision and Mission

Scenarios, Forecasts + Long Term Strategy - show your leadership team how to maximize your business.

2 – 5 Day Engagements


Confidential Consultations

Crucial Insights + Analysis

Profiling and Negotiation Strategies

1 Day Engagements + Research Time


Strategy Tools Workshops

Training in 7 Essential Strategy Tools

Fundamental Questions Model

2 Day Workshops or Onsite


Non-Profit Workshops

Strategic Planning

Vision + Objectives and Scorecard

1 to 3 Day Workshops


Seven Strategy Tools

Raplexity Index

Determine the rate of change and degree of complexity that have an impact on your business, and identify where to best position your strategy.

Changeability Quotient

Understand the change dynamics within your business and trending patterns that affect how you execute your strategies.

Coherence Value

Measure the degree of variance between your purpose, vision and goals against the way you lead and manage your business.

Situation Strategy

Get effective targeted solutions that keep you moving ahead towards accomplishing the bigger picture, and increase your clarity and direction.

Scenario Development

Explore possible, probable and desired outcomes through customized scenarios that let you make better strategic course corrections.

Stakeholder Analysis

Review the roles of customers, partners, networks and employees in a comprehensive analysis of connections, as well as valuable roles and relationships.

Art of War Strategies

Using centuries-old Chinese wisdom, choose your best strategies to gain competitive advantage and increase market share.


Estimate future expectations based on historical information and predictive analysis. Factor in risks and opportunities. Anticipate and plan with greater accuracy.

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