Formerly Whytelligence Inc.

Danaction helps build better businesses in Africa. We have a special focus on helping companies in Africa to improve their performance and pursue expansion goals. Whether you want to be "investor-ready” or if you're seeking new opportunities in Africa, we work directly with your business to bring accelerated business growth.





What clients say…

“I can sum up my experience with Janine in two words: life changing. Working with her was one of the most important decisions I have ever made in my life. You will not be disappointed!”

Gary Whitehill, CEO


“I found her to be enormously perceptive and Janine had a wonderful way of getting people to open up their personal and professional objectives despite a high pressure environment.”

Rich Joffe, CEO

Danaction accelerates your growth plans by giving you targeted strategies and guidance that we turn into practical action, working right alongside you in your business. Our expertise lies in exploring business models that will accelerate your Company’s financial growth.


We help you understand your potential market by country and area.  We know how to develop networks, build contacts, set up distribution and handle tough negotiations. We research investors and opportunities, and design business engagements that support your goals.

You need to know why, how and when to move forward. Our planning helps you evaluate your risks and make the most of business opportunities. We give you tangible action plans: immediate, short term and long term. All designed to get you results faster.



For more information about consulting services, please email Janine or Simon at

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