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About Janine - Change Maker, Business Strategist

Janine de Nysschen is passionate about showing businesses that real change is possible – in fact, it’s essential for progress to happen. Janine's approach is to accelerate transition for companies and get meaningful results. Her “change-is-never-impossible” mindset lets her excel at coming up with unique strategies, prioritizing opportunities, and dealing with unknowns in complex problems for executives and businesses seeking to increase their impact and performance.

As a consultant, Janine has earned the tagline of being a GPS for CEOs through successful strategy engagements, using her trademarked Situational Strategy technique to help CEOs resolve whatever problem needed attention, allowing them to get immediate and effective results.

Janine is always looking for opportunities to do more and to do better – one of her core values is to give generously, because she has learned that the more you give, the more you get. Janine has worked with cash-strapped start-ups and multi-million dollar companies. She has built teams from the ground up, and managed high performing teams in large organizations. She thrives in challenging environments that require good communication and effective project management.

About Janine


§  Janine’s change skills were honed firsthand in the biggest transformation of the 20th century: South Africa’s unprecedented transition from apartheid, under Nelson Mandela’s leadership.

§  Trained as a change agent and intelligence professional, Janine was in the core team that helped transform post-apartheid intelligence structures – a feat many had deemed unattainable.

§  Janine moved to the USA and joined Microsoft in 2001, embracing a new mission to bring change to the world through software solutions. She turned her strategic skills to transforming online experiences and translating global audience needs.

§  In 2009 she launched Whytelligence, Inc. to capitalize on 20+ years of strategic experience. She consulted with CEOs and companies across the US. Her clients include a broad range of industries, from Fortune 100 to small businesses and non-profit organizations.

§  In 2011, Janine returned to Africa, where she is currently consulting in West Africa and Southern Africa – coaching African CEOs, helping them secure investment, mentoring young Africans, building economic and business links, and promoting entrepreneurship in Africa.



Janine facilitated a two-day strategic planning retreat for myself and my partner.  We were eighteen months into a new venture and struggling.  We characterized the retreat as a “restart.”

Janine masterfully and brilliantly led us through a process that first validated our “purpose”, distinguished our vision and values, looked at what we did well and didn’t, and then discriminated between two business models that we had inadvertently “combined.”  This discrimination was an epiphany for us as it provided clarity where previously confusion existed.

Through a variety of well-crafted and choreographed exercises we then were able to define our own strategic objectives which devolved into specific process, milestones and tasks.  Throughout the retreat, Janine would “move” easily and gracefully between past, present and future, weaving a beautiful tapestry which is our company. At the end of the retreat I felt focused, committed and energized.

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